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    I thought this had to be a typo... Treo 600, right? Nope. Brand new review of the 300, now on sale for $99 from PalmOne.
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    Note the business the "reviewer"'s company is in...
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    It's a usability testing company - they don't list palmOne as a client (that's heartening for the verity of the review).

    The review strikes me as very schizophrenic. He dings the phone for being a very basic smartphone (what planet is he on and what phones does he have access to?) and complains about some features like 2-way sms. He must have reviewed the up-updated ROM version. Still he gave it 4.5 out of 5 which is high praise from a usability person.
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    But are there any recent reviews of the Treo 180? I think this entire Color screen thing is just a fad that will blow over soon. Anyways, I am on the fence and thinking of trading up my motorola startac for a 180. :-)

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