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    Just as before get a hold of the CROW 3.05 firmware files

    Put them in a seperate dir

    unzip the contents of GoGoPatch to that dir

    and run the batch file

    now copy the files to you SD and run the firmware updater..

    This should and will unlock your CROW 3.05 locked phone..

    Note this is not using any stuff from P1 so no copyright issues YOU the consumer are patching you legaly obtained update file ...


    the truth is out there !
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    Check this thread out at myTreo. It might help people wanting to unlock v3.05.

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    well thanks for that this is what has come from there as using the original files is against the law...some kind of law in the states to do with IPR that will dissapear real soon....they already got a warning mail from P1... the file in post 1 however does not contain anything from p1...bvut it still works...

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