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    I just picked up my Treo 600 a few days ago and am finally getting over the coolness of the unit and getting very much annoyed by the slow web browsing speed.

    To load up most common sites (this site included), I'm looking at waiting 3-4 minutes for it to load up, and that's standing right beside a tower. Browsing forums over it has become simply unbearable as it takes 3-4 minutes to load up a post and then another 3-4 minutes to go back to the list of threads. That doesn't equal happy web browsing. Playing with my bluetooth phone and bluetooth enabled laptop, I'm able to get sites to load up in under a minute easily. So it's definitely not the quality of the gprs connection

    Is this just another Treo flaw or am I missing something here?

    Maybe I should be looking to move to a Pocket PC unit with bluetooth for a two piece package
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    Loading full sites via Blazer is slow. Plus Blazer is known for its slowness as well. There are other browsers available for Treo. Please see WebPro, etc. Check other threads here too.
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    Could as be the hard-coded proxy Blazer uses. A couple weeks ago I was able to perform all internet functions (IM, FTP, Email, etc.) but couldn't browse the web with Blazer. So I called TMobile and of course they don't have a fraction of my experience with technology.

    So I figure let's try WebPro out... not only did I switch default browsers but I realized that Blazer's own proxy is pretty slow and unreliable.
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    I've been trying to find both webpro and the websphere java app so I can run reqwireless without any luck, if someone can forward them to me I would appreciate it very much

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