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    I guess the TC forum is or will be morphing into a REFURB board since it looks like its bound to come for each users sooner or later. I am now on my third unit yippee!
    I noticed that it came preloaded with Sprint's 1.2 update so I guess someone looked at the unit. Or maybe once it went in the shop they just figured that they would do a quick update and then ship it back out to see it will pass in real life.
    I did take the time to have the unit re-tested before pickup...passed. Or maybe they just took it in the back, got a smoke an a cup of Joe and then gave me the unit…Passed
    I have noticed that the screen is a bit more yellowish but maybe that is just me. I figure if it is a bit yellow then Just maybe someone did go through this device with a fine toothed comb.
    Id did notice the keys are bit stiffer, and now on the case where the charger plugs in there is a “Nub/lump” which protects the charger connector am I wrong of is this new?

    Cheers and 73’s
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    As soon as the updaters get released publicly, all units coming out of the repair center and factory would be flashed to that level of ROM. It is standard business practice in the phone world.

    All LCD backlights vary slightly in color. When you purchase them from the manufacturer, there is a gamut of acceptable color variants. If you pay a lot more per unit, the color gamut/variation can be tiny. In order to prevent excessive cost to the consumer, most manufacturers live with the small variations on the assumption that few will ever notice the difference. It's a bit like the taste test on variants of coke - few really can tell the difference.
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    I also noticed variations in the screen color in my numerous refurbed units, often when the screen is viewed from different angles it changes.

    I found that tweaking the display settings in preferences helped a little.
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    My refurb unit that I received had a 1.10 rom. Also my unit has the crappy blue tint thing going on. Yes key and the charger thing are diffrent. I need a updated one.
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    i got a refurb after 1.2 came out which didnt come with 1.2 installed. i didnt know it wasn't installed until i tried to run movierec and it didnt work. im getting another 600 in a few days so maybe this one will have 1.2 installed.

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