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    when I sync my 270 via IR with my laptop it takes almost 2 hours(!!) to complete.
    The USB sync takes a minute or so.
    The laptop (Thinkpad R32) says we're connected with 115200 kbit/s via the Treo capable of that IR speed at all?

    Any hints are appreciated!

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    Hi Umberto...

    While I haven't attempted a hotsync via IR yet, if you do the math, it will definitely take MUCH longer than a USB connection. Using raw values, you probably have roughly 8 to 10MB of data on your handheld that needs to be sync'd.

    Doing the math -- 10MB = 10 x 1024 x 1024 x 8 = 83886080 bits
    83886080/115200 = 728.18 seconds = 12.14 minutes

    I really don't think you're getting the full 115,200 IR connection speed -- but as you can see -- even under ideal circumstances, the sync would still take quite a bit longer over infrared.

    In my humble opinion, IR sync worked well in the old days when Palm Pilots had small amounts of memory. With the massive storage available on devices like the Treo 600, though -- since no great strides have been made with expanding the bandwidth of this technology in the PC arena (that I've heard of) -- you're much better off with a USB connection.

    My 2 cents anyway... Hope it helps!

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