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    Open->Select Shoutcast from menu in upper right->New

    Only available in the deluxe version.
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    thanks...then i could ebter any website with broadcasts?
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    is this right?
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    Hey, what about Michael Savage? Any MP3 Streams for the Dr. ?

    No comments from the red-diaper-doper-babies out there!
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    is there a good thread with only shoutcast links?
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    You can find shoultcast links at

    option 7 will get you a catagory list!
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    many of the links on shoutcast are kinda choppy, i have yet to find a link as good as the hannity or wls ones, where can i get good links with strong connections....obviously treobits' list is full of all links, and many of them as i said above are just not worht listening too, they rebuff every 20 seconds.
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    Does anyone know if I can recieve calls while I am streaming radio? If so, can you tell me the settings?
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    I receive calls while listening to streaming audio through Ptunes with no problem. I use Lightwav for my mp3 rings and it just breaks in and begins "ringing". So yes, it does work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JsanchezCPA
    The next question is.........How can we listen to RUSH on our Treo.

    Anyone know how? That would be excellent!!!!!

    (I know that question will p*** off the lis on this forum.)
    Who gives a ****

    Sorry, just couldnt resist that one!
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    I was able to listen -- now I can no longer connect and when I did another search for 105.3, it didn't appear. Looks like it caught up to them! If anyone knows of another station, I would love to know. Perhaps email might be a better way to communicate this than this forum???


    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    go to and search for "105.3" It is 105.3 in dallas and yes, stern is streamed on all weekdays.
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    I'm glad you posted this about 105.3 It was great to be able to listen to him (especially after being told his show had no streaming outlets.) Now I too have noticed it's no longer possible to connect. HELP!
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    I know MLB isn't available, but are any of the 20 or so stations that broadcast Red Sox baseball available. I tried to search the call letters of the first 10 or so on th list and didn't get anywhere.
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    Tried to enter the Stern URL now as the show is on, but not finding the URL-- is it because Howard is on vacation and the "Best of" shows are running?

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    YEA FINDING MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL WOULD BE GREAT! anyone know how to do it? I know that if you want to listen to cubs games in chicago its on WGN 720 am but thru the internet during a game you can only listen to archives, and the game live or archived is only available thru have any ideas?
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    Okay, sounds like we have the live feed of Howard Stern settled.

    Where do you find the archived/taped feed that you can listen to with ShoutCast? Thanks so much!!!!
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    anyone have a link for wgn in chicagoland area...for shoutcast?
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    Anybody know of any LIVE MP3 Stream for any of the following:
    • Neal Boortz
    • Tavis Smiley
    • Larry Elder
    • Glenn Beck
    • Rob Redding
    • Bev Smith
    • MJ aka Shnit
    • Royal Marshall
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    In my previous list I forgot to mention:
    - Dave Ramsey


    - Clark Howard

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