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    Has anyone found good deals (online or in stores) for SD cards in Canada? I'm hoping to get a 512MB card.

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    Future Shop is $199.99 for 512MB. You might do better elsewhere, but it is nice to be able to return if it does not work.
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    Ya, that is the deal I found, likely what I will get but was hoping for better, or a good deal on 1GB.
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    Some better deals here

    Sandisk 512MB for $156.99
    ? Write speed

    Lexar 512MB for $190.99
    32X write speed

    Sandisk UltraII 512MB for $212.99
    60X write speed

    Lexar 1GB for $482.99
    32X write speed
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    I ordered the Sandisk UltraII card, may as well have the extra speed.

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