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    I've read everything I can find and don't want to shell out $300+ dollars to get a repeater. Every time I follow someone's link to a place that sells antennas they never have the treo listed. Can someone tell me what type of antenna connection the t600 has or provide a link to a compatable antenna?


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    The only external antenna connector I have found is the one furnished with the PalmOne car kit. While I am not very fond of the car kit - like the phone it is a serious comprimise - at least it does allow the connection of an external antenna. None of the typical antenna connector folks, Wilson is the best, has provided a "pig tail" cable to connect the Treo 600.
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    don't really want to pay for the car kit, don't spend that much time in the car on the phone. I've e-mailed the guys @ and I'll let you know if they ever respond. But in the mean time if you have any advice on getting a stronger sprint singnal please let me know. (other than the booster and repeater)
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    Here is the e-mail I got back;

    Subject RE: treo 600


    Unfortunately, our manufacturers have been unable to make that adapter part of their inventory. Until they do, we will not be able carry it.



    Cell Antenna Corp.
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    Called Wilson they are working on the adapter but it is still at least 3 months away! I cannot wait I need it for those long drives weekly from Central to Southern California I5 is just not very stimulating.....
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    One option is to find an old Sprint phone where antenna adapter cables are available and snake the connector over to the Treo. Just gotta find one that has a compatible soldering footprint. I would attempt that if I have an old Sprint phone to take apart. Anyone have one to donate for a good cause?

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