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    Since the last update my Treo has been acting odd. It locks up when trying to make some phone calls. Sometimes locks up when getting calls. This has probably happened about once a day since that update. Anybody else have this problem or know what is going on?
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    Please read the thread Update, Update, Update to get a lot of insights on this topic. You probably have to deactivate some software goodies you added to your Treo. Often a simple reinstall of those applications sorts out the issue. Anything that modifies the ringers, wireless behavior or Launcher replacements shuld be considered suspect.

    What error appears in your error log (dial #*377 and hit dial on the phone dialpad - it's ##377 if you have a Sprint T600)?
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    I don't get any error message, it just freeezes. I also freezes when i am getting a call on occasion and just rings non-stop until reset.
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    You mean that there is no visible error message or that the error log (#*377 and dial) is empty?

    Are you running extra software especially any wireless software such as AIM or Chatter? Are you on GSM or CDMA(Sprint)?
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    I upgraded to the generic 3.05 for my T-Mobile 600 a few weeks ago, before the official update came out. This happened to me once... the phone rang and then got stuck ringing. I had to reset it. Hasn't happened since. But very strange. Have no clue what may have caused it.
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    I have the same problem.

    Sprint CDMA. Started happening after the recent update.

    Occurs both when phone is ringing (about 25% of incomming calls cause a lock-up) and often during playing the Java game 'metris'. I need to soft reset. Really annoying since it causes me to miss calls. Once I waited 20 minutes and it seemed to be working again, though it may have reset itself and I just didn't notice.

    My error log show "a crash occurred on 5/21/04 at 5:20pm while running J9 Java Launcher main.c, line:282, cannot delete existing database". However, it has locked up many times since 5/21.

    Is there a list of programs that usually cause this? If so, does the list also state the file name that would appear under Info or FileZ?

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    dbh1, it looks like your Java game is the culprit. Can you delete it and see if the issue still occurs.
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    I've deleted it off my sd card and what looked like the related data off my palm card with filez and soft reseted.

    I am suspicious that it may be something more, but I will know in a few days.
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    The other option as described by many folks who have upraded is to hard reset and do a clean install. Then add your 3rd party Apps back one at a time.

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