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    Has anyone ever gotten a "System backup FAILED. The volume reference number is invalid (0x2A09)" when attempting to write to their SD Card? I had purchased a PNY 256 MB SD Card, and I would occasionally get this kind of error which went away after I reformatted the card. Since the card was very slow (almost "defective slow", it seemed based onthe cardspeed utility's report) and I wanted to experiment with the voice recording apps ability to write to an SD card, I went ahead and bought a 60x ATP 256MB card.

    This card is fast when it is empty, but after I take one backup using backupman, and then retest the card speed, it reports back as being much slower. Now I am back to getting the System backup FAILED message, this time with the new card.

    I am beginning to wonder if the problem is in the Treo. I have never put this new SD card in any device other than the Treo.
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    Blame the card - I have never seen anyone post about a failed SD card slot on a Treo 600. The quality and speed of cards varies a great deal.

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