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    Today a new version of RNS:: TreoSelecText has been released.
    It is now equipped with an application exclusion feature. This lets you select applications in which TreoSelecText is enabled and in which it is disabled.

    RNS:: TreoSelecText on PalmGear
    RNS:: TreoSelecText on Handango
    RNS:: products for Palm OS
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    thanks! just bought a copy of v3.0 with the handango $5 off $5 coupon! Thanks for the great new price! =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevp913
    thanks! just bought a copy of v3.0 with the handango $5 off $5 coupon! Thanks for the great new price! =)
    Hi kevp913,

    Excuse me, but may I ask where you found that $5 off coupon? I searched the sight and only found the "11% Off" special.

    You can PM me if you don't want to post it on the board.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kevp913
    thanks! just bought a copy of v3.0 with the handango $5 off $5 coupon! Thanks for the great new price! =)
    I tried to use the $5 off coupon but TreoSelecText is less than $5 bucks.
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    TreoNeopet, check this thread for the coupon code:

    millerhifi, you can get an eBook or something for less than $1 and it still would be a good deal.
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    T750 w/Cingular
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    Yup i bought TST for $4.95 then bought some pocket pc program for 10 cents =D... so TST cost me 5 cents total.
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    5 cent credit card charge?
    What ppc program did you buy for a dime?
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    I found Tic Tac Toe for Palm for 10 cents.
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    Can someone give an example of how TST2.0 does the following
    "where it conflicts with the application's support for the Shift+5-Way Rocker key combinations"
    TIA, Matt Burkhard
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    Documents to Go's built in text selection doesn't work with TST turned on, and TST doesn't work with Documents to Go beause its not a standard text input field.
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    There are now at least 3 threads on TST going right now. What do you say we all keep our comments, questions and issues to the original one?
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    Request for RNS to consider.
    Add a choice for the center button for "Edit Word"
    Right now you have these choices for the Shift+center function
    Select current word
    Select current line
    Select whole text feild

    Could you add Edit Word
    then when you hit the Shift+center, a little box will pop up with three choices
    and the "currsor focus" will already be on the word copy, so all you would have to do to copy a word is to shift+center to pull up the edit function, then hit the center button again to copy, since the focus is already there. then you can move to where you want it pasted at, and then shift+center, then move the 5-way down once to the "Paste" choice, and press the center of the 5-way
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    That's an interesting idea, Burkhardi, but aren't there already any clipboard-extending utilities?
    RNS:: software for your Treo!
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    Not that I know of, or I don't know how to use them or intergrate them if there was.
    I guess there is one sort of..... With TreoBulter, you can assign the Shift+menu to pull up the command line, were there is the copy,cut and paste icons, but that can be combersome, you have to use TST to select the text, then hit shift+menu, then select the icon and so on. I also guess you can use the menu and then the hot key, but this too is combersome. I was just thinking that an "edit Word" pull up box via TST would make it a breeze. Also you do use TST to do something with the selected text, so it kinda seems the right intergration path.

    With the idea I was thinking of, if a person highlights text with TST, then hits the center 5-way button, a little window pops up with three chioces (like above) and the first edit function (copy) is already highlighted.

    So you use TST to capture the word, then hit the center of the 5-way, a window pulls up, the choice for "copy" is already highlihgted (you can scroll to paste and cut too if you want), you hit the center button again,and it's copied.

    Thanks, Matt " RaNo Cuckoo clock fan" Burkhard
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    OK, now that got my attention :-)
    I've added this to my "ToDo" list :-) for TreoSelecText...
    RNS:: software for your Treo!
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    OK, good deal!!
    Let me know if I can be of any help. My email is
    Feel free to contact me.
    Thanks, Matt
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    what i do now is select the word via TST and then use menu + C to copy, or menu + x to move, or menu + paste. that seems to do what you want and the functionality is already there. what i would like to see is a larger clipboard for the treo 600 that worked with TST. (none do) so that menu + p would give you say the last 5 items that have been copied to choose from. big clipboard that RaNo also make doesn't work with the treo 600
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    Southbound, Thanks for the info, I use the Menu+hotkey (C,X,P) sometimes, but it's combersome. However it is better then nothing..LOL
    This will work for the time being.

    I was going to suggest that you use Big Clipboard by Rano, but I didn't know it didn't work with the treo600. I was going to download it myself, as well as ShortCut5 (antoher aurthor). You saved me the fustration, thanks.

    If you do get time, check out ShortCut5. It's nice, since the shortcut key is a longcut to get too on the treo, Shortcut5 make it usefull again becasue you can assign "." for the shortcut start.

    Here is the link

    So now, I don't have to use the loop symbol anymore for a shortcut, the "." works fine.

    Thanks, Matt
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    I use this software. If you select a text it automaticaly open the command bar.

    But it don't work with TST. I select the text and can't open the command bar.

    RANO: There are any solution for this?
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