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    I saw the sources of SnapClip, but there seems to be no simple way to make this cooperate with TreoSelecText. I will rather stick to the Burkhardi's idea with the menu.

    Burkhardi, what if I didn't introduce my own menu, but just opened the command bar on the Center press?
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    That would be a great start, but I would still like to see a menu down the road just for simplicity sake. With the center press opening the command line, you will still have to hit the appropriate hotkey or graffiti stroke. With the "New and improved RaNo Super Menu", you are already using the 5-way to pull it up, so using it to move down and select seems like a smoother option. It will flow better, less keystrokes and seems to be a natural prgression, at least in my opinion (which, with a dollar, can get me a 20oz soda....)my opnion, that is ))

    HOWEVER, I have no idea what kind of code change this take, or it may take a complete redo, which may not be worth it at this time. This is just a request, I am still happy either way, but the command line being pulled up, is better then nothing IMHO.

    Just trying to make a great program even more robust then the current state.

    Thanks, Matt Burkhard

    I'll shoot you an email off line

    Thanks for the interest, as well as the quick responce and input

    Can I get a kick back if you use the term "RaNo Super Menu"....LOL (even more humor there...I know, don't quit my day job..)
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    Thanks RaNo!!!!
    Looks nice!
    I didn't think the command bar would be as usefull as it is.
    You even get the beam option too.
    Thanks for adding that for us!!
    Best regards, Matt Burkhard
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    You're welcome.

    You may increase the number of command bar icons/functions even more. Have a look at RNS:: Toolbar+
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    ok Burkhardi, you guys must have emailed each other and RaNo must have changed something because i don't see what just happened. did he modify anything to make it less cumbersome to copy/paste? if so I am interested in this too.
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    There was an email sent to all the current TST owners (I assume becasue I got one from his site) saying that there was a new version out. Also in the Readme.txt, it talks about the V3.1 update.

    Yes, it is less combersome. You can assing the Shift+center5Way to pull up the Command bar, then hit the appropritate hotkey (like "C" for copy and "P" for Paste for example) and go from there.

    Try it out, it's faster then the other routes.

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