Today I bought a case for my Treo 600. I was tired of having no left pocket. My boss, has a body glove case for his phone, and I really like it, because you operate the phone entirely without the case. I dont like the leather cases, that have the plastic screens going over the screen or the keyboard. Those plastic protectors make it to difficult for me to type or use my stylus, I have screen protectors, I dont need an extra barrier. I looked at many pouches to hold the phone, most were generic cases. I liked 3 imparticular.
1. Was a body glove case, I did not like how the top was shaped, it was probably ok for its proper phone, but not for the Treo.
2. Was a side ways style case similar to the ones you can buy on ebay, and I think this site. I believe that there is an OEM version of this case, so I did not go with it.
3. Nextel pouch. This is a nylon pouch, it is somewhat oversized so if I dropped the whole thing it would protect the phone quite well. It has none of that cheap plastic stuff. The case holds the phone and has openings on the bottom so that you could plug headphone or the charger in.

I went with the 3rd one. A few reasons why, it protects the phone well, since it is oversized. It is very rugged. I have to carry a cordless phone 8+ hours a day at work and that phone is kept in a nylon case as well, so it matched that scheme. I walk a minimum of 4 miles in a day of work. I walked 5.5 miles today, and alot of the walking is through crowds and somewhat tight spaces. I bump up against a ton of things. All of which seems hard. I have tried the "spinner" style clips for phones, and have never had one last me more than a day. Another thing I really like about it, is that the belt clip is very large and sturdy. My other phone that I carry has a metal clip, I would have prefer that, but this plastic one is thick, also it is rivited into the case so it will not slide around or come out accidently. Also the clip has a nice gap, my belt is a rather thick style belt, so thick that my pedometer is stretched to fit over.

I wore the pouch today. Not one drop. Banged it against atleast a dozen things, that would have easily broken the "spinner" clips. You can still here the phones ringer clearly. The pouch didnt slide around, or feel flimsy.

The greatest thing about the pouch is that it has 1 pocket on each side of it. 1 holds my headphone adapter, the other can hold earbuds.

I give this pouch a 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Price 21.95 =4.5
Durability =5.0
Functionality =5.0
Ringer audibility =4.5
Vibrate =3.0
Protection(when in use) =5.0
Fit =5.0
Ease of use and install =5.0

Just so you will know what you are looking for it is suggested for Nextel phones i30sx,i35s, i205, i305.

Let me know what you all think of my review, and if I am missing anything or if I have added anything uneccarilly. I can let you know about other things if you want.