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    With a new proclip hoster I was looking at egrips but see that they don't cover the ESN label on the back of the phone (which is the most hideous part!). Has anyone come up with something to add some class to the back of the phone while covering up this ESN eyesore?

    I was thinking I could put some clear tape/vinyl over the ESN info and then put a general large rectangle of Egrips over the entire back of the phone. Anyone tried this?
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    Duct tape, baby!!!!!!

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    Just take the sticker off, problem solved.
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    Will there be problems with warentty work/replacements with this sticker missing?
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    I just took my ESN label off. The stickers are in layers but looks great without them.
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    It's been posted that removing the sticker voids the warranty. In a lot of cases the sticker just fell off. I'd worry that e-grips had too much "stick" and if you ever removed them, they'd take the sticker too.

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