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    I'm realize I may not be in the right forum, but here's a potentially stupid question:

    Like most of us, I really like to listen to MP3s on my T600. I really would like to be able to download songs from iTunes, MusicMatch, or Napster, burn them to a CD, and then record them onto my computer as MP3 files so that I can listen to them on my T600. (I am not a criminal.)

    Am I stupid? I haven't used these services much but it seems like with iTunes and MusicMatch, the files are protected once you download them and I'm not having any luck getting them converted over to MP3s, even after burning them onto a CD. Does it make a difference if, with iTunes, I download them as AAC or Mp4? Is there a good way of using the download programs and eventually turning them into MP3 files? I'm a bit of a neophyte at this...anybody have any suggestions that doesn't involve using the evil Kazaa program, or going out and buying my own CD?
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    good luck finding a solution. try contacting apple. they will probably consider you a criminal for wanting to convert it to mp3 format. good luck trying to convince them otherwise.
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    Seriously, is there really no way to do this? I'm surprised, I thought it was actually possible. Man, I must be reaaaallly stupid.
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    I download music with Itunes all the time. I burn the songs to CD, then I convert to MP3 using Cdex.

    From there I save to my SD card and VOILA!

    Only problem I've encountered is when you convert to MP3, there is no file data..i.e. Song name, artist, album, etc... So I just rename the converted MP3 files as "artist - song" format and that's how it shows up on my Ptunes in T600.

    Simple really..
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    You can convert AAC directly to mp3 using dbpoweramp:

    I'm not sure if it will work via apple's Fairplay DRM, but it's worth a try...
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    Check this out:

    It will turn AAC and other formats into MP3 without the burn to CD step.
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