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    I have on of the original 600's and have just started getting the network search error. I thought I could live with it but when my phone hung up on my grandma I knew I had to replace it. So off to my local sprint service center I went and guess what, it failed the tests they ran. But the 600's were on order, none in stock. Should be a couple off days. Two weeks later I'm hangin up on everybody. I went to another sprint store with a 600 in stock but was told I had to exchange my phone at the service center. The service center says I can exchage it at any sprint store...what is sprints policy??
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    Same problem here......

    Just wait they will give the run around. Soon they will send u to radio shak, or better yet staples. They told me to do that.
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    "An eye for an eye."

    (Okay, that probably isn't helpful, but I couldn't resist.)
    In favor of goofy names:
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    A tooth for a tooth ????

    what was the connection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabbi-emu
    A tooth for a tooth ????

    what was the connection.
    I get it...

    Q: "What exactly is Sprints exchange policy???"
    A: "An eye for an eye."

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    I have still not received and luck. They replaced my treo to a blue tint one. And now 0 zero I get the run around

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