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    I currently HotSync to a Windoze computer at work and Mac at home. Can I add another?

    What is the record number of computers someone HotSyncs to?
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    You should be able to HotSync to as many as you need to. I have only 2...W2K and XP.
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    I hotsynch to Outlook on two computers, XPpro @ home and W2Kpro @ work. Works great. I have lost some updates to contacts before, though. I suspect, but am not certain, that one should update new contacts by synching with the most recently synched computer first, then with the other computer. Since implementing this policy for synching, I have not lost updated or new contact information.
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    I sync to XPpro @ work W2Kpro @ home and have had pretty good success. With the older versions of Palm Hotsync I would run into problems when deleting datebook/addressbook entries from #1 and then syncing #2 the entry would sometimes reappear.
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    In my experience, you can't have reliable bi-directional sync with more than one computer. Eg. if you modify a contact on one computer, an additional one on a second, and a third contact on the treo, you'll probably lose at least one of these modifications after a few syncs. To do this right, I suppose, the software would need to keep update timestamps for each contact/appointment/etc separately, and then keep the most recent in every merge.

    What I do is set up my work computer to do full sync, and my home pc and laptop to "handheld overwrites desktop", and I don't have trouble anymore. BTW, Avantgo and Vindigo sync don't need any restriction, since in effect you're synchronizing to a single server anyway.

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