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    Does anyone have a program that will leave the Treo 600's screen turned on all of the time when it is plugged into a power source (cradle, wall power and/or auto adaptor)? I have tried using hte "OnCradle" utility but it does not work on my Treo. Any options that anyone out there have discovered?
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    Check out pToolSet by Paul Nevai. Does all kinds of cool things including allowing you to set the screen auto off to never turn off (but you won't be able to set it to stay on only in the cradle). The program works well on the Treo 600 and is incredibly powerful. Check it out at or check palmgear.

    I am not affiliated with pToolset. I just like the program a lot. Paul is very responsive and a great developer.
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    There is a program called always on, very simple and does what you want (can't answer about the cradle though since I don't have it.

    Try this link to STOIC (Stay on In Cradle)

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