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    does anyone know of any websites that review good versus rim bes server, thanks
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    We went with Good over rim bes due to license costs etc.
    I've got some paperwork comparing the two in my offfice somewhere. I'll try to dig it up today.
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    Also suggest checking out Seven's software. They write the software behind Sprint's Business Connection (at least the personal edition). Solid stuff, and the most feature rich of all the email applications that support corporate mailbox integration with the T600 that I've seen.

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    Can you give me the name of the "Seven" company you referenced? My (small, 20 employees) company is trying to decide what to go with between BES, Good, and whatever else is out there), so any advice/direction would be greatly appreciated.

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    masseyc - that would be, and there are a bunch of others as well - Visto (, and..let's see..Infowave ( - if you search the web on 'wireless email', you'll probably get about 10,000 hits....(which may be a problem in and of itself)
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    moviegene - any luck on finding that comparative paper you mentioned? thanks in advance
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    nrosser - thanks for your quick response. I have checked those other sites out and will try to make sense of it all!

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