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    Due to the ridiculous pricing of ATTWS mMode data services, I have been trying for some time to set up RoadRunner dialup service with my T600. Every time I dial in, the call immediately disconnects.

    Today, I borrowed a TMo SIM from a coworker, popped it in my Treo and tried again. Lo and behold, the call went through, though I was unable to complete the connection because my login script is incorrect.

    This leads me to believe that ATTWS is actively blocking data calls in order to force you to use mMode. Can any other ATTWS subscribers help me confirm this, or find a way around it? Is it stated anywhere in their service agreement? I'm a little hot under the collar about this; my opinion is that a phone call is a phone call, and as long as I pay for my minutes I should be able to use them in any way I choose.
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    I ran right into the same problem you are experiencing when I purchased my first phone from ATT. I bought a T68i and got on the charter GSM plan for 99.00 a month for unlimited minutes. I figured that I would just use my companies dial up pac bell account under my unlimited minutes.

    I had the exact same behavior that you are seeing. So I came into the store, and I was able to extract from the sales guy (yea, I know what that is worth) that AT&T actually has the firmware of the handsets modified to prevent this from working. Now based on the fact that you switched the sim card and it SIS work, shows that he was at least partially wrong.

    I have never been able however to get it to work for me, so I am on a 50MB GPRS plan.
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    AT&T tech support admitted to me last year that there is something in their network to block data calls, so that you have to chew up GPRS allocation. T-Mobile, as you have discovered, does not. I have not tried other carriers.
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    I own an unbranded unlocked T600, so I know there is nothing wrong with the firmware. At this point I feel fairly certain that ATTWS is blocking the calls on their network.

    This is something that was NOT disclosed to me when I signed up for their services, and I have not been able to find anything in their plan descriptions indicating that they prohibit data calls. IANAL, but it seems to me that blocking data calls violates their service agreement, and I'm wondering if I can use this as justification to get out of my contract without paying the early term fees. I'm sure they'd charge me the fees anyway, but maybe small claims court would be able to help me out.

    Sorry for the rant, but this really infuriates me.

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