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    Okay, I'm frustrated. I've read all the FAQ's, the guide on the MMPlayer site, and other related stuff, but can't seem to get an avi to play on my GSM T600. Going from memory here, but using resolution of 160x160, or 160x120, 160-ish kbps, 24kbps 16k Hz audio, DivX codec, can only make files that will play for about 15-20 seconds, then start over. I'm using buffers of 1M for audio and 2M for video. Trying to either rip files from DVD's or just re-size larger avi's, but can't seem to get it to work. I realize I'm probably not giving enough info, but can anyone suggest anything to try?

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    Are you getting errors, need more info.
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    Are you using version 2.11? Try version 2.10.

    You could also try the newest patch.
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    I'm not getting any error messages, the video just plays for about 20 seconds, freezes, and starts over. I'm using 2.11 now, but tried 2.10 also with the same results. I'll try the patch...

    Well, that didn't help - same behavior...?
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    Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

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    After you've encoded videos can you play them Ok on PC? I use 256kb audio buffer, 100kb video buffer and can play my videos (including full films over 2 hours) fine on my treo. If the videos play fine on your PC but not on mmplayer I think you'll need to reduce the encoding settings, I'll check exactly what I use when I get home.
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    The videos play fine in Media Player, just not on my Treo. Appreciate any help...
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    Sorry for the delay, here are the settings I use on Virtual Dub (1.5.10) for encoding treo movies;

    Visual settings
    1 pass CBR coding 128kbps DivX
    Frame rate conversion-Process every other frame (decimate by 2)
    Filter- reduce size to 160x128

    Audio settings
    MP3 audio 24kbps stereo 11,025Hz

    Multipass coding will give better compression but takes longer. The key setting I found was the decimate by 2, this allows you to use higher quality settings without putting too much strain on the Treo CPU. These are the settings I use for films, for shorter videos you can increase the quality settings
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    its a lot easyer with dr.divix
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    dr divx is your automatic vehicle. for those who know about video manipulation, virtualdub is your full control manual vehicle. lot more flexibility and abiility to change more settings with virtualdub. if you know what you are doing that is
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    excuse my ignorance but how do i lower he resolution of my .avi file inorder to watch it using mmplayer?
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    This link might help you:
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