I would like to introduce 3 games, which are optimized for Treo 600. Optimized means that they use low-res grahics, do no eat your RAM, because the special Treo 600 versions do not include Hires versions of bitmaps and they feature Palm OS 5 polyphonic sound.

The best of all:
* HAPPY HOUR! They are only $7 each for a limited time, starting from June, 3, 2004.
* They are in the TOP 50 monthly downloads at www.palmgear.com among 23,000 applications there.

To download visit the developers website:

More info:

* 3D Tennis - was $12, now $7 for a limited time.
Realistic 3D sports game. Become Number One tennis player in the real ATP & WTA Rank Lists. The "official PDA game" of US Open 2001 and 2002 Championships.

* 3D Blockout - was $14, now $7 for a limited time.
The only 3D falling blocks game (3D Tetris-clone) for Palm OSŪ. A special PDA remake of the on legendary Blockout arcade for PC/Amiga, first released 1989 by California Dreams, Inc.

* 3V Broomsticks - was $12, now $7 for a limited time.
Learn to fly on a broomsticks like Harry Potter! The sports game of witches and wizards hits Palm. Build-in music player, which supports both monophonic and polyphonic melodies.

I hope this info is useful.