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    On my SprintPCS Treo, the FIRST voicemail causes a dialog box to pop up prompting me to tap OK or Listen- it does not go away like a normal dialog does after a few minutes. It stays on the screen until you tap it. This does not happen for subsequent voicemails if one unheard one exists already.

    Same with Missed Calls- dialog does not go away, but here, you must tap a button for OK or Call Back all the time.

    I hate these nags.

    Can anyone create a utility to basically intercept these dialogs and pass them to the standard Alert manager?
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    Yes, this desperately needs to be done. And while whoever is at it, try to figure out how to get the call waiting information to go away if you choose to really ignore the call. And maybe fix the way the treo handles conference calls.
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    Ok, I have to be honest - why would you NOT want these pop-ups to display? If I've missed a call, the first thing I want to see when I turn on my Treo is an alert letting me know as much.
    Obviously every one uses their Treo differently, so I'm just curious what your reasoning is for wanting this pop-up to disappear.
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    1) interferes with device operation- eg. if pop up is on screen my backup fails to run and snappermail fails to retrieve

    2) new 2Day app will summarize ALL alerts and queued messages for me on one screen thataunches as a sort of dashboard every time I power on


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