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    I use the 'City Time' application from PalmOne to easily change my Treo time to the timezone I'm in since I frequently travel. However, I often have conference calls setup for meetings back to my home timezone. Example...

    if I have a meeting set in my calendar for 11:00am est and I move to cst, my treo alarms me at 11:00am cst, only the it's now 12:00pm est and I've called in an hour late.

    My question: does Datebk5 (or some other app) make a calendar entry timezone dependent so that it alarms at the correct time if I've changed the time in my Treo.

    This usually isn't too bad when I'm only one timezone away, but if I'm in Europe or Asia, it gets to be some pretty good mental gymnastics.
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    datebk5: preferences/zones/current zone/adjust alarms
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    Datebk 5 also allows you to set a time zone for each individual appointment. If you select an appointment and tap "details," you'll see a choice for time zone. Mark the appropriate time zone for that appointment, and the alarm should go off when that time zone reaches the appointment's time.

    That way, some of your appointments can be set for where you currently are, while others can be set for the zones where others are.

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