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    Any Developers out there working on Voice Dialing? A badly needed App which would be very fruitful to the developer.

    I believe with the Treo’s new sound recording capabilities from the current updates this is now possible.

    This would be a homerun App which would bring in a nice price tag. All I have read on the new updated Treos do not mention this capability being offered in the future.

    I would contribute my time to Beta test the product.

    Any bites?.
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    I know the developer of MovieRec and SoundRec, Ryan, said he was thinking of developing a voice dialing app and started a thread, asking people if they would be interested and how much they would pay. Bunch of people replied and got excited about it, but Ryan hasn't replied back yet.

    Maybe Toysoft (smiley88) can create such an app? I see they just released "Personal Audio Recorder" (PAR), so I'm sure they're capable of doing it. Or maybe they're already working on it??
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    I'll put in my $.02 if for no other reason than to move this thread to the top! I would love this feature for my phone and NOT have to pay $6/month with Sprint PCS to use it. I'd pay in the $10-20 price range for an app like this, provided that voice recognition was relatively accurate and it's use was not overly cumbersome (ie; the laziness factor obtained by voice dialing should not be overcome by the difficulty in using the software ;-) Bring on the beta!!!
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    Still no bites from any developers?
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    I would be interested in this too, I miss it a lot.

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