I read somewhere on TreoCentral and have since observed myself that the Treo battery charges very rapidly between 0% and 80% and extremely slowly between 80% and 100%. In fact, it can sometimes take longer to charge the last twenty five percent than the first 75%.

Users of the external battery find this fact bothersome because fastes way to charge the Treo batteries would be to charge the internal up to 80% and then the external up to 80%, and then both up to 100%. Instead we are forced to wait for the internal battery to crawl infuriatingly up that last 20% before the external can charge.

I would lov for someone to write a patch or util that tricked the Treo into thinking the internal battery was fully charged at 80% so the external battery would start charging.

In fact, if some genius out there figured out how to control the way the two batteries charged and were drawn on better than they currently are, I think everyone with an external battery would buy your program for real coin and owe you their thanks.

Any takers?