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    The Vibrator on the Treo 600 is very weak compared to other cellular phones in the market. I am missing calls as the ringer cannot be heard and the vibrations cannot be felt in a noisy environment like a shopping complex. I have tried a third party vibrating clip that vibrates with an incoming call signal but it also seems to vibrate in between calls as the Treo tries to communicate with an incoming call type of signal on a regular basis, making the third party device unreliable as a incoming call indicator.

    I am wondering if there is any other vibration clip available that others would have tried that would be compatible with the Treo 600 or if PalmOne has any plans to update the Vibration function on the Treo 600. This poor function is really letting this great device down.
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    I agree, the weak vibration does diminish the value of the T600 when you can't use the ringer (see other threads on this topic).

    I have installed (Treo) Butler which gives you the ability to receive "reminder" vibrations like a pager. While you will probably still miss the initial call, you can set the reminder to go off at regular intervals for a long period of time, pretty much ensuring that you will see that a call (or email, appointment, to do item etc.) has come through.

    FYI, I have a GSM unit with tons of software and did not have any problems installing Butler or its updates. Just make sure to back up everything!

    Good luck!
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