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    Just an FYI:
    New release of the Palmary Clock for the Treo600
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    Anyone try this yet?
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    beautiful interface! great clock skins. good calendar builtin. not sure yet though, im trying it out this week.
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    Nah, I still prefer Bob's Alarm (referring to the very soon to be released Beta). If I want to see a calendar I would just open Datebk5 where I can get icons for my appointments etc. If I want to see a calendar inside of another application, I would use calescheDA.
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    nice. but too expensive! a $6 app. for 14.95

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    Will an alert from Palmary clock work even if you have an unanswered sms or voicemail on the screen?
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    I have also paid the $15 as it appeared to do what I want, however I am having an issue.

    I use the alarm function mostly. I have a number of preset daily alarms, e.g....

    06:45, 07:30, 08:00

    ....and I just tick / untick depending on what office I'm travelling into.

    Trouble is the alarms don't go off if you just tick them. You have to go in and change something to get it to work, which defeats the point.

    Anyone else experience anything like this?


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