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    Hi everyone,

    I was fiddling with the zoom using cameratest, and a phone call came in causing some sort of crash. now, I'm pretty certain my camera is doing some kind of odd RED shift. I was wondering if someone with a normally functioning camera, who has cameratest, would be kind enough to go into that program and post what it has listed in "configuration" in the options menu. I realize it's a long list, but once it's posted, anyone who has problems with their camera can check their settings against the posted reference value. it would be of real benefit to anyone who's having problems.

    I don't know if you can copy/paste from configuration screen or not. Thanks to whoever is the good samaritan!

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    I would also be very interested in this as I am having problems with my camera taking RED pictures!!! I can't stand it :-( ...any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    Mine does it too, on a Hard Reset it is fine but when I restore things, it dies again. Maybe there is a Camera Prefs file we can delete?
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    Anyone having this problem, Do you or have you ever used Pickem? I think it may be the culprit.
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    I had the red-picture problem with cameratest. I fixed it by deleting the program and performing a soft reset. I didn't reinstall cameratest because the hassle of an unstable program is greater than the benefits. In this case, anyway, I can digitally zoom Treo photos on my laptop. And the blue-dots removal function doesn't improve the picture quality as far as I can tell.
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    Correction - I was referring to pickem, not cameratest. It's been so long.
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    There is a thread here which may help:

    In fact what fixed it for me was that I ran pickem and pressed r for reset and that seemed to set my colours back to normal.

    - Dave

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