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    I did the Sprint 1.2 update with no problem I thought....

    but then I look and see that while the phone software reflects 1.2, the mail software still shows 1.02Beta.

    I had read in that really long thread on the update that some folks decided to delete their mail software first of their own accord, but I didn't, thinking (perhaps foolishly) that if Palm wanted me to do that, they'd tell me, right?

    So now what should I do? I am loathe to try and do the update again for fear of something else going wrong. and I am not sure what to delete of the mail software anyway.

    I assume the new mail version is somehow better, right? I did like the beta, and hey, it was free.

    if I do have to delete, is there a way to not have to re-input all of my email accounts? will the new email software still have all the emails sitting in my beta version? I use it as a helpful storage place for emails reminding me to do various things...

    please help - thanks!
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    They update should install the new mail client in the Rom, thus you cannot delete it. As a result, you should have two email clients on your treo now: the old beta in ram and the newer updated one in the Rom...check and make sure this is so. Also, if you delete the beta in ram, you will have to re-enter your settings in the new client regardless...I don't think there is any way to get around that! Good luck.
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    GFunk - thanks for the tip. pardon the amateur question, but how can I determine if the new client is in the ROM, and what specific files should I delete to get rid of the old and initiate the new? and is the new software worth it, or should I stay with the beta that I've come to know and love? or perhaps its too late for me to be asking that....
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    Hi there. I had a problem with the update in that the mail client did not get updated nor did I get the new "PALM" splash screen on reset. My 600 is a Handspring branded. I found, as did others around here, that if you run something like Radio Control to turn the radio back on after a reset it would stop the update. Could be you have something like this going on? Once I disabled Radio Control and repeated the update all went well.
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    I did have that problem with the first time I updated, but the update seemed to go fine the second time. did you have the beta email client prior to the update? if so, did it override the beta smoothly, or did you have to do it yourself?
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    I had the exact same problem with an easy fix. I used ZLauncher to delete the Mail app (.prc) only. I did not delete any databases or preferences associated with the Mail app. Once the app was deleted, the new one took over and my version no longer showed as beta and all my settings were saved.
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    I did the update and my mail program is now v1.02a. Only had to do it one time but my phone was pretty new. Got it just 2 weeks ago and it had the 1.10 update already installed.

    Hope that helps some....
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    thanks LimoMan - it appears it really was that easy! you'd think they would have prepared for that themselves - I guess not.... wonder what else I was supposed to figure out on my own?
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    I used the "Uninstaller" app to delete everything that the Temp installer, and I believe that it deleted all the double copies of things that were alread installed into the ROM, including the

    it also deleted my Outbox, Inbox, and Deleted items, and all my account settings. But it seems to work at 1.2 now.

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