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    I have a ethernetworked PC at home and office. I attach my treo600 to the PC through the USB/hotsync cable. Is it possible to have network access through the USB-PC10/100 for the treo ?

    The question is I understand kind of funny as why would one wish to browze the internet through a palm device when a PC is available, however is this possible ??

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    Yes, it is possbile. You need an app called Softick PPP. You can find out more info regarding this in the thread below:
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    try using SoftickPPP to establish direct PPP connection over USB to PC! Once u hav done that u cud try and play around and create a network connection on your treo preferences but of course u will need to have something like ISA server for it to work...

    do a search for SoftickPPP !


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