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    I installed Producer 2.2 and downloaded several movies from avi files and a couple of mp3 files. Everything worked fine. This evening without changing anything but the phone ring on my treo - the audio quit but I still get video.

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    sorry cant help you there but where did you download your movies from? i know has a few that you dont even have to covert.
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    Dear graygeek,

    I don't know if your ringer setting has anything to do with Producer 2.2 not encoding properly.

    But, I have found that some "raw wav" files that are imbedded into some .avi files do not encode properly. You can run them through VirtualDub and re-encode using LAME and they should run through Producer 2.2 file and should then playback okay with audio.

    If you have more specific's, please post them.

    Dave Lindberg

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