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    Why is sprint agents/stores/executive reps (wow) avoiding requests to warrent a replacment. They even told me to go to radio shack lol.
    Im willing to returnt this Im 3 months in how do I do this?

    Im a loser on sprint.

    Im fet up not with my original but the refurb and the lame as* excuses and run arounds. Wasted 200 $ on gas and drove around new yorx
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor
    > Your experiences do NOT reflect the majority of opinions of
    > users on this board. Do a search for ealier polls regarding
    > this subject and you'll find an overwhenlimg majority are happy
    > with the Treo...

    Oh, you mean like THIS one:


    At the time of this reply the ratio of bad to good is 229:180.

    Note - the poll is "flawed" in that one cannot update one's answer if one's current TREO goes bad after you have already taken the poll. That is, people's experiences, if they change, ALWAYS change for the worse but the poll will not reflect that.
    Of course you could look at this one too..

    Which goes to show how consistent polls and statistics are.
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    I am guys and girls..are bragging about only having to return your phone one time a year...some ...not even in six months. If this were DELL ..this board would be lit up with how DELL sucks. I sell these things..the same problem happens over and over again..... The Treo 600 is a really cool toy/pda/phone. I would still give short of giving my second born child ....want this phone to work. I just joined this forum..and several others...just to post the problems with this phone. I am unconcerned that any of you that are not without problems with you Treo 600 post your happy thoughts here. I am speaking from a number of people that I have sold these phones to, transfered contact lists, memo...ect. Buy this over the problems with it, I did. I even ran remote desktop on this to monitor everything from up and down on web servers to web cam updates on a flash webpage. I am not newbie on this phone. Once again...buyer beware.

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    I have been a happy user of SE P800 until I got this Treo GSM TMo

    The treo just is ridiculously incomoplete:

    - No Cradle: what a joke by Palm to ship a $ 600 P!D!A!Phone without a cradle and two ugly cables.

    - No bluetooth.

    - No wireless modem drivers. You have to go out and shell out $ 40 for or whatever it's called.

    - A useless mail client that doesn't support IMAP. Again you have to go and shell out another $ 60 for snapper mail.

    - No handwriting recognition on a PDA: Come on guys, this isn't rocket science, that key board just won't cut it for a true PDA user. I know there's Graffitti anywhere and other options, but try an "i" on GA. In any case why should we have to go out, research, download and try to configure third party software for such simple functionality.

    - No out of the box true back up utility, again shell out $ 20 - $ 30 for backupbuddy etc. This is incredible in my opinion, how can you expect to converge 3 devices thus heavily rely on this ONE device and not be able to back it up properly out of the box. You ought to see SE or MS's backup solutions.

    - No ability to browse the phone or the SD card out of the box. Again shell at extra $$$ for the software.

    - Now this one kills me: No alarm setting or recurring tasks. This is just incredible. How can you not have alarms on tasks. By the way if anyone knows of software to do this please let me know. I know about ToDo+ but the alarms don't synchronize with Outlook. I really need this functionality.

    - No Alarm clock on a smartphone, the prepaid 7-Eleven phones have this.

    - Don't even get me started on the ridiculous screen. On the dialpad screen, the my phone shows lines from the buttons.

    - The most boring, 2 dimensional user interface.

    - No out of the box voice recording.

    - No stereo headset and yet this thing is advertised for its MP3 playing capability. Yet again, there is no out of the box MP3 player like there is in the P800 or the MS phones.

    - No user-changeable battery a la iPod. How much is this gonna cost us a year down the line when the battery doesn't hold charge?

    In my opinion, to make this a true PDA phone, one needs to spend another $ 200 to $ 300. So why not get an XDA II, a P900 or the Motorola MPX that's coming out. I am just waiting for the MPX and will try to live with this junk in the meantime.

    On the other hand I agree that the quality of this phone is just as good as any other phone or PDA I have used. You take care of this thing and you probably won't run in to problems. Except I can see the speakerphone and headset failing as the default volume is way to loud.

    Any comments welcome. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by imashton
    I am guys and girls..are bragging about only having to return your phone one time a year...some ...not even in six months.
    No... I said one return in about four years, and that was for a cosmetic defect, not a hardware or software defect. As I said before, I suspect you are not treating your $600 smart phone/PDA with the care your should.

    P.S. Looking at the join dates for some of the recent long-winded correspondents, I'm beginning to smell troll.
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    all I want is to geta new screen not this crappy blue tint one. Then I sell this on e bay. lol
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    The beauty of the trolls you smell is the 'anti-troll' button on this board. I give them about 3 posts to be resonable and rational in the conversation and then I flip the 'bozo bit' on them and hit ignore. I really don't have the time for folks who go out of their way to come to a board for a product they obviously hate and bash for some kind of personal vengeance. I personally find that to be selfish and, frankly, not the kind of person who's posts I want to read.
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    So I'm on number 4 or is it number 5 after today's delivery!! Anyways and you'd think that with them swapping out all these phones they could add -- I dunno -- maybe BLUETOOTH!!!! But that is just me.


    Another Satisfied PalmOne Customer!
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    My Treo 600 has been working fine since I got it in April. That said, I may be lucky, or PalmOne has improved its manufacturing.

    I can understand people having high expectations and high desires for a device like the Treo 600, and that when those expectations don't get met how disappointment can turn to anger.

    I think that there are few owners of Treo 600s who wouldn't say that the potential of such a device is fabulous, so I can see how one could develop a love / hate relationship with it if you had to return multiple phones.

    But in keeping perspective, Treo 600s are just a convenience tool. It's much better to have 10 dead Treos than have something that really matters go wrong.
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    We have rolled out over 100 units within our organization. I have one that was bad, radio had poor reception. Other than that....
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    not only is this the best phone I ever had, it is the best electronic device I ever had. Send email, browse the web, chat on(
    drmrw on a treo 600 gprs t-mobile

    "One out of 3 people has two people standing next to them..."
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    You people and your ridiculous assumptions that "silent majority is happy" and all that crap kill me. You have no sympathy or belief that these multiple replacemnts of Treo 600 with MANY people could be in fact a real epidemic. Let me tell you that the last time I was in the Sprint store I was with THREE other people in line who were having "issues" with Treo 600. The time before that there was TWO women who have had one or two replacemnts each. The time before that, I was at the store & THREE other people had between THREE TO FOUR replacemnts each!! That's just with Sprint and those were just on the days I was in the store. I am currently awaiting Treo 600 NUMBER SEVEN in two months!! I also am very careful with my phone. Barely any scratches with any of the SIX that I owned. The tech at the store confirmed that there are MANY returns & defects with the Treo 600. He (and others on this board) confirmed that there is a range of serial numbers of Treo 600 that are know as "bad" or "defective" phones in some way. Where is the GD recall Sprint? Go ask your tech, do your research & you will find out that this is not an isolated problem. If your phone works fine then good for you but don't accuse those of us who have had more than ample (many of us have not just had one or two replacements. I HAVE NEVER OWNED A DEVICE THAT EVER NEEDED TO BE WARRANTIED EVEN ONCE!!) replacemens of being abusive to phones, overreactive or plain cry babies. You can take your non-faulty Treo & use it for good! The fact is the problems exisit and unless you are one of the many who have them, why waste your time telling US that they don't!!!! IDIOTS!!! (After phone number SEVEN, I think I'm entitled to ssy that)
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    I tell you, at this point it is hard to argue against the label POS for me. I just wrote this on another topic but it applies here too: "Check earlier postings of mine and you will find a sorry tale. One that starts with passion and ardent love and disintegrates to despondency and deep frustration. I am more disapointed than I can say- such a drag. But as I sit here and literally watch my Treo turn itself off and on with every reminder from my calendar; as I think back on the dropped calls, the complaints of people not being able to hear me over the buzz, the shrill, ear-pearcing screech that I used to be greeted with most times I answered the phone, the echo that people used to hear three phones back, well, let's just say it's hard to wax poetic for the Treo."

    I'm about to be on my fifth one (if they ever send it) and I really can't see how the previous FOUR 600's going bad was my fault because I don't put it in a pretty case. I treat it well but I don't carry it around in a lock box. It is amply protected and yet still has problems. Besides, the problems occur out of the box, not after a time of horrid abuse from me. Frankly, I take offense that there is an attempt to discredit other people's experience by placing the blame on them. That is patently unfair. I have made every effort by scouring these and other sites to learn how to use and fix the Treo (short of opening it up). I have spent WAY more time on it than I should on this. It's amazing that people feel a need to invalidate any negativity towards the Treo. What's that about? Strikes me as the same kind of thinking that says I can't criticize our country or it's actions because I am then not behaving as a 'patriot' should. Sorry folks but for some of us citizens out here the Treo has truly been a POS, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Not all of us certainly, but enough to be worried about the quality of these phones. Even so, hope springs eternal in this heart- I await this next Treo hoping it will be 'the one' (I said Treo, not Neo, I swear). Much like I hope that what is next for this country is better than what many of us are currently experiencing. Not all of us certainly, but enough to be worried about the quality of our times.
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    Wow i must be a lucky one i got mine in feb so 4 month ago no replacements works great i love this phone with a pation, i use it none stop for internet radio web pictures etc... games... so many things no problems with it at all mine was made in november so it's the old model, i use about 500-1000 min on phone a month an about same if not more on web so i cam using it a at decent amout and it works great i must just be lucky. And i am sure allot more like me on board they just dont post cause they have no problems with it. Or they just dont know about board.
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    Wow, I cant believe it took all this time to convince me but Ashton has done it. I am going to toss my 600 and reactivate my old nokia 6185. I just cant take all the pressure. My treo is working great since I replaced it in February but the stress of not knowing whether it will continue to work is graying my hair. I just cant take it. Ashton obviously knows more than all of us being a 'dealer' and we should listen. Thanks ashton for being so unselfish and willing to save all of us poor saps who bought into the lies. You are a great person thank you.

    Ok now I have that out of my system.

    Ashton if you dont like the treo get a different phone. Beyond that spare us your dealer wisdom and let those of us who are happy with our treos enjoy them. In short, STFU about how bad they are. Many of us don't really give a sh!t. And the rest of you naysayers can stick it in the same dark place. I am sure I speak for many happy treo users when I say, if we want you to save us, we'll call you. For now tho I dont see a line forming at your door.

    Thanks so much for thinking of us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    You people and your ridiculous assumptions that "silent majority is happy" and all that crap kill me. [...]

    Let me tell you that the last time I was in the Sprint store I was with THREE other people in line who were having "issues" with Treo 600. The time before that there was TWO women who have had one or two replacemnts each. The time before that, I was at the store & THREE other people had between THREE TO FOUR replacemnts each!!
    Very scientific study you've got there.... You're in a city of 10+ million people and seem surprised when you find eight other people who are having problems with their T600, where... in the cell phone store! Duh! What did you expect to find, all the happy T600 owners camped out in front of the store telling everyone who walks by how great the T600 is?

    As others have said: we're sorry for your bad luck, but most of us are doing fine.
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    Ok that's great bub. I'm happy for you. Then keep your trap shut! Continue being "happy" about your Treo 600. Cuz you sure ain't helpin our cause by your comments! Besides my unscientific deduction of the more than average (in my personal opoinion of course) amount of Treo 600 users returning their Treos for a warranty exchange at my local Sprint store, there is also the part of the Sprint techies who admit that there is a problem with Treo 600 that exceeds that over any phone they've seen in awhile. So who has proof really? NONE of us. There are NO realistic polls, statistics, or articles that document this situation to give us exact numbers. Point is that you could be a little more sensitive to people who are facing some sort of problems in any way. Just because you don't get picked on at school you assume that others who say they are are making it up? You bullies. Anyway I digress because I know that no matter what the evidence ever shows or not their will always be people who are angry, bitter people out there who are not happy with their job, spouse, car, house & most importantly SEX LIFE! And those people will have a hard time expressing there frustrations in real life so they turn to there cyber lives to vent all that emotional, financial, sexual frustration in a safe & anonymous environment. I know this as FACT cuz I am guilty of it too sometimes! So the vicious cycle continues & the same arguments are drawn out day after day after day. Well on that note, I'm right & you are all wrong. You are all stupid & I'm better & smarter than all of you. Cuz if we translate all these GD arguements, bickering, name calling, judging, insensitivity, etc, isn't that what it all translates into?

    I am awaiting my 7th Treo 600. I did not abuse the phone. I don't have bad luck. It makes me angry & I'm not alone. If you are with me, speak up. If not, forever hold your peace. And I'll be holding my piece... OF S H I T E Treo 600!!!

    Check this article out:
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo

    That article was pretty well disected already in posts that have since been lost in the discussion board crash.... IIRC the consensus was that he got most of his information from treocentral.
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    Well I appreciate your "consensus" but it is illregarded. Again more speculation, blah blah blah. I'm fighting not to say some really bad, immature, vulgar things in response to that pointless response. So I will go get laid now...

    Fellas grab your umbrellas cuz there's gonna be a lot of rain fallin on this parade
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    Quote Originally Posted by ERicJ
    Ummm... where did you come up with those numbers? Right now its ~55% good over bad (180 vs. 148).
    You cannot count. Try again.
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