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    I've been happliy using my Treo for >6 months and just tried to install the Treo updater for my Treo (for AT&T). But after running the .exe from the zip file I get a "cannot find the operation application" message.

    Now, my Treo is hosed. :-(

    Every time i sync, it requires me to do a reset. Then, after the reset, by default, my wireless mode is 'off'.

    1) What can I do to properly upgrade to 1.13?


    2) how can i back out whatever changes have been made?

    additional info: in my 'unfiled' applications I have a 4 new 'apps' that must be related to the updating process: 1) ROM Updater 2) AppInflater 3) D.C. and 4)GSM Updater

    (I actually was able to get the GSM Updater to load, but not sure what benefit or harm that caused.)

    Any insight or assistance is appreciated!

    - Pinky
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    Sounds like you had a problem with the upgrade. You need to perform the upgrade again. Make sure you use the one supplied by Palmone and not just the file supplied by Nothing wrong with that file, but some people have had some issues. Just follow the instructions to the letter and you should be fine.

    good luck

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    no disco.

    I have read and re-read and carefully followed the directions. But after I do the cursory sync, the AWS 1.13 loads, then chokes when trying to self-launch. That's when my beloved Treo gives me the "cannot find the operation application" message.

    I am at a loss for what else to try. Has anyone noticed any marked improvement in their web surfing and other fixes in this release? Is it worth the effort to upgrade?

    /me doomed to stay on 1.10 for eternity
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    I received a "general error" when installing the update and had to do a hard reset to install it on my Treo. The PalmOne Treo updater FAQ is here:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,Company=%7B5A789B6E-D683-11D4-8A45-00B0D0684B04%7D,ts=Palm_External2001,problem=obj(2746)

    And, in particular, I had to follow these instructions:,CASE=17530

    and all was well.

    Hope this helps,
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    Thanks for pointing me in the proper direction. Following the directions that included the hard reset did the trick. I guess if all else fails, this is the way to go b/c you are essentially reinstalling the OS. Just be careful to have a recent backup so you can easily restore.
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