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    I just purchased a new Treo 600 and am wondering what are the major upgrades I should be looking at? I did the firmware but then some Sprint representative said I needed to do a software upgrade or something, does that make sense? I am having issues using the SMS messaging function.
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    What software version is currently on your Treo?

    Check this via the phone application, menu, options, phone info.
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    I have updated firmware to allow voice rec. What do I do with " crow1.12 " which remains in my apps. Can I delete it??
    Thanks Bill
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    I have the Sprint Treo 600 and I ran the updater to Version 1.2. When I did that, all trouble broke loose. It would cycle power, web services stopped working - a real mess. I had to get a replacement phone from Sprint. So I am back to a new 600 running 1.10-SPR
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    I know you were thinking of firmware updates, but my recommended "upgrades" include the following:

    1. 256 meg or greater SD card and card reader

    2. Pocket tunes deluxe upgrade

    3. Backupman

    4. Egrips or a good case

    5. A good screen protector

    Seriously, these items have made my Treo 600 a lot more useful and fun to use.
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    I am running the 1.20 SPR software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffRybak
    I am running the 1.20 SPR software.
    Then you are fully updated.
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    boxwave screen protectrs baby

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