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    If you (like I) tried changing the user interface of your phone dialer using the methods described in the Utilities forum (, you may be in for some annoyance when you update to the new ROM. I spent the last hour figuring out why my phone no longer allowed me to switch to another application during a call and why I could not dial extra digits from my active call.

    Here's what happened:
    I deleted the Phone application from my Treo's RAM (this is the one I installed with the new dialpad bitmaps).
    The delete command goes looking for any data file associated with the Phone app (Creator type HsPh)
    I lost my favorites but I restored these from the SD card. The favorites file is the only RAM resident file with this creator type.
    But I now had the wacky call control behavior.

    So I installed PalmInsider and went exploring in the RAM/ROM. The Phone.prc application has the creator HsPh. I found this by getting info on the file. I then surmised that the reason for the odd behavior was due to some preferences being duplicated in Saved Preferences. When I went looking, there were three prefs entries under HsPh - this seemed not normal to me so I deleted everyone of them using PalmInsider. Then I soft reset my phone. All is back to normal whew!

    Upshot: If you use these unwise/untested phone UI hacks, you have to expect some serious grief when you upgrade your ROM. The hacked phone.prc version that is stored in your RAM is no longer working on the correct codebase - the resources (e.g. the bitmaps for the phone ui) may be the same but the new ROM contains a new Phone.prc that has new code. The two versions don't play well together - the wrong version will restore itself to your Treo from the backup folder when you upgrade. I suggest nuking this file if you find it in your backup folder before you attempt the upgrade. You may still have prefs problems but less of a mess to clean up.
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    Using a hacked phone.prc is the old way of doing things. Back in March, someone (tvBilly I think?) figured out how to get the same results by simply using an overlay file containing only the graphics and nothing else. This way the phone.prc is uneffected. The thread you linked to above uses the same concept. Maybe you had the old hacked phone.prc (the original aqua one) and accidentally restored it after doing the update and that's what was giving you grief. Try one of the new overlay files, there are many different colors and they can be removed and installed repeatedly without effort.
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    Thanks for the tip. Have you seen any problems with the overlays after the update?
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    i have not its all working and looking great
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    The overlays work the same for me (i.e., just fine) post-update as they did pre-update. As a matter of fact, I had intended to delete my overlay prior to updating the Treo firmware just as a precaution, but I forgot, and it worked with no problems whatsoever.

    To install an overlay, just hotsync one to your Treo the way you'd install any other prc. The one file is all you need to make it work. After it's installed, you won't be able to see the file using the Treo's built-in file manager, so accidentally deleting additional associated data files is not a concern. To remove the overlay, just use a third-party file manager like FileZ to delete that same prc from your Treo. All you're doing is installing/deleting a single file. It should not adversely affect any other files...
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    I have this old phone.prc and it is also causing me occasional problems. Can you tell me how to delete it without deleting my favorites or at least restoring my favorites after I do?
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    You can delete the application alone using FileZ. FileZ is nice because it can show you the files only in RAM and/or those in ROM. Select the file and choose delete from the menus. I think that should do it. If you cannot delete it because it says it is in use, you should warm reset and then delete it. Soft reset afterwards.

    If you delete the file this way, your favorites will be untouched.
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    What specific file names should i delete to clean out this entirely. Can you list all of the ones associated with it? Thanks.

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