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    Just got this headset from Mobile Planet.
    Works great with the Treo 600. Confortable, the jack fits all the way in to the Treo headset jack (some don't I discovered), and the answer/end button works.
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    I had this headset and I had to return it because the plug was always falling out of the jack. The plug had too much rubber on it. I really liked the headset and would buy another one if I knew it would not have the same problems.
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    Actually, I did have to trim the rubber around the plug a little bit. This is very easy to do with a razor. You only need to remove about 1/16 of an inch. And it doesn't pop out. This is the most comfortable headset I've used. And I've tried several.
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    I did that too, cutting off the plastic, but for some reason I found that moving the headset plug's seating while talking and walking, for instance, results in a dropped call. I got a Quietspot on the way for 32 USD from Cellular King, we'll see how that goes
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