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    I have a little problemo that I hope someone can help me with. I have a Treo 270 that regularly gives me the error 'cannot detect SIM card' which obviously means that I can't use the phone. I have discovered that simply taking the card out and replacing it means that everything is fine again for roughly 3-4 days and then I get the same error again. Anyone got any ideas? BTW it's well out of warranty so there's no sending it back.....
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    I believe this is related to a small switch beneath the SIM card, which the SIM card pushes down when inserted. I had a T180, in which the switch was broken, so the phone never worked.
    I guess in your case it is either dirty or worn out, so you can try cleaning around the switch (pehaps using vacuum pump ?) or may be spraying the switch with something, which improves the conductivity. however I am not sure if this would help.
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    Thanks for the advice. I stuck the switch down with a bit of masking tape and so far it seems to have done the trick. I'll post again if it stops working......

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