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    While searching e-bay I found several Treo 600's for auction. They say they are unlocked and available now. There is also a web site I found saying they will ship within 24 hours. PalmOne has a 5-6 week ship delay. Was wondering if anyone could tell me what exactly "unlocked" means and would it be "safe" to purchase from these sites or wait for PalmOne?

    Thanks muchly....

    PS.....message board newbie so please be gentle!
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    Unlocked should mean it will work on T-Mobile. However, I personally wouldn't buy one on E-Bay, just in case there is a warranty issue and you need to get the phone replaced. If you buy it from Palm, or T-Mobile, or a store, it should be easier to get the phone fixed.
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    unlocked actualy means that it will work with a SIM card from any GSM provider anywhere in the world, including TMo. I have an unlocked T600 with TMo plan and it works perfectly.

    heberman is right to some extent for the risks of eBay and other unauthorized sellers - it may be more expensive and difficult to repair it. of course, through eBay you can probably buy it cheaper than from plamOne. generally, if you purchase a Treo from a eBay seller with high positive feedback the risks that you will get a bad Treo are minimal and many of them will offer replacement. Also, check if the auction has a eBay/PayPal replacement warranty - in such case you can pay some more money than the closing price and get covered if you are not happy with your purchase.

    so I guess you should decide if you want to wait and have the peace of mind or pay less and take the risk that if something happens you may (will) then have to spend more time and money.
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    Me again....the store I found is called "younevercall"....they have a 14 day return policy and add insurance automatically. Has anyone does business with this store and what did you think?
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    I bought mine from with a new T-Mo contract. I felt OK about buying from them as they are an authorized T-Mo reseller. I then called T-Mo and had insurance for it added to my contract.

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    you can always ask for the insurrance coverage from tmo. if there is something you don't like about your phone you can call in and say that it's broken or stolen. You get the idea.
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    Well....just got a message from PalmOne....they will ship my Treo overnight on June 28...with a free car charger and 3 pack of styli.....think I will just keep my order with them and try to be patient.

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