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    I am not familiar with the throughput speeds of the SDIO so please be gentle with your responses.
    I was wondering if SDIO has the capacity to act as a connection point for large scale data sources like external hard drives using a cable and card interface much like PCMCIA does with PC's?
    I know that with a BlueTooth SD card (and yes I have read all about that little can of worms) one might hook up to the now dead bluetooth hard drive (formerly from Toshiba) but what about a straight cable connection? Would it be possible? I was just thinking of the possibility of adding some sort of SD hard drive "sleeve" to the back of the Treo to be used beyond the 1gb SD card range for things like music and other multi-media.

    Just the musings of someone who is stuck in a dealership waiting room with nothing but time to experiment with my Treo. And I must say, having it here has made the time go VERY repidly.!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    Not saying it is impossible but highly unlikely. You'd need a fully wired IO PATH from the SD slot to the Hard Drive interface and Palm would need to create drivers to support it.

    My prediction is you'll see USB On-The-Go become a standard in future PDA devices. SDIO will stay for memory/wireless devices but most other devices will transform to USB OTG standard. The technology is developing very nicely....

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