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    Not sure if this is the best forum to post this in, but I just got a new laptop with infrared capability/wireless. Would love to be able to HotSync my T600 wirelessly...I'm a bit of a dunce when it comes to this stuff, however...anybody know how to do this? I'll probably have to activate something on my computer...which is a new Dell Laptop, BTW, if that makes a difference.
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    If your using windows, what version is it? If its XP, you need to uncheck something on the wireless link. I think it says something like "use file link to transfer images".
    sorry, noy using XP, so forgot that part.
    Oh, you also need to make sure that the infrared driver is installed. although you may be able to use it to transfer data, that doesn't mean that the proper driver is installed
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    Yes.. You can use infrared from Treo 600 to your new laptop. Im using my Dell laptop. It works great for me.

    Sometime, I transfer the file from my laptop to Treo 600 though infrared port.. It make it quickly without have to use hotsync via cable or infrared.

    Sometime I forget bring my USB cable, I can use infrared

    How to set up hotsync via infrared.

    From laptop:

    -Go to Notification area from Taskbar
    -Go to hotsync icon and click right mouse button
    -Select infrared

    From Palm:

    -In launcher, go to Hotsync application
    -On popup menu select IR to a PC/handheld
    -Put your Treo near to infrared
    -Then press hotsync (in Hotsync Application)

    It should work.
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    You may also need to turn on the IR port. MY Dell laptop only allows me to turn it on and select the port in my BIOS. Just go into your BIOS and make sure its on. When you have your treo on and the IR facing your Dell IR the computer should pop up a message saying a computer is nearby. If that message isnt popping up most likely your IR port isnt active
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    Thanks, all. Appreciate the guidance. I've been able to make my Treo and laptop detect each other, so now I think I actually just need to take five minutes and install the Treo software on my laptop. Thanks!

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