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    After the Firmware Upgrade, I get a soft reset when I delete emails from the Inbox of the built-in email application.

    It happens after 4 or 5 single deletes, or after a complete cancellation with MENU K.

    Has anybody experienced something like this?
    Any idea on how to solve the issue?
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    I just experienced the reset this morning after the upgrade. The phone resets on every delete. I will try to remove the mail program later and resinstall it again. If it still happens, may be use another email program. :-)
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    Are you on Sprint? You probably have the beta Mail application installed from the palmOne website?
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    No, I am on T-Mo. I upgraded mine to the CNG 1.12 using Method C.
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    I suggest you delete your mail accounts and start again in the Mail application. This will probably reset everything correctly. If you have only one account, create a dummy account and delete the original one - you have to have at least one account in the Mail application.
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    Hi Poryphyron, your suggestion works perfectly. Thank you

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