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    My phone had the loose-screw-rattle. One T7 screwdriver and some hi-res photos later it's all fixed. If anyone is interested in the pics.
    UK GSM Model phone. Yeah, I couldnt be bothered to edit out the serial number - use it to track me down and kill me, I dare you

    Toyed with the idea of replacing the battery - but it's a little larger (lengthwise) than the 1200mAh LiPoly's I have on hand for my R/C heli (need to check voltages too - but LiOns charge the same way as LiPolys, so keeping the circuitry wouldn't be a problem). Will check on dimensions of some smaller capacity cells and maybe have a play after my exams are over.

    Kudos to the Handspring/Palmone engineers for such a neat internal design. Everything is well shielded and fits together nicely, connecters are simple and easy to reach. Really didn't seem enough space under what I assume to be the CPU area for both RAM chips and a CPU chip though, curious.
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    Why did you take your device apart?
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    if you feel the need to ask that question, you don't understand......
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    when you find the fitting batter, let us know. I want to change mine too.

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