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    Smart Phones Require Smart Design Choices
    (T600, P900, MDA II)

    The Treo 600's display stands at the low-end of the three phones, being a 2.5-inch diagonal, 160 pixel by 160 pixel resolution, color super-twisted-nematic(STN)-LCD module. The choice of a relatively low resolution and smaller color STN display contributes to making the Treo one of the least expensive PDA phones examined here. The BOM of the Treo 600's display is estimated at $23.45, less than half the cost of the MDA II.
    The total BOM of the MDA II is $215.24.
    The P900 carries a BOM cost of $165.
    The total BOM of the Treo 600 amounts to $126.46

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    That was interesting; thanks for the link.

    Since the build-cost is so low, that explains why the Treo is enough of a cash cow for palmOne to so positively effect their outlook (at least according to the stock analysts).

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    wow! i want one for $126.46
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    incase anybody other than me was wondering... BOM = bill of materials
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    So it cost $126.46 for the materials... the other $273.54 goes for the assembling the unit and the PalmOS. Yeah, that sounds right to me :-P
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    273.54 goes to pay the consultant fees

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    Nope. the $273 goes to make sure that we have something better than a Treo 600 in 5 years. You guys didn't factor in the R&D $ that it took to design this thing.

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    i want an ipaq 6315
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    I hate to sound like a CPA (but hey, I am...). If consumers could build the unit for the cost of the materials, they would. Interesting statistic, but really meaningless, as it ignores overhead, labor, etc.

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