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    Does anyone have any info on a service (preferably inexpensive) you can use to forward US calls to a number in Europe? Planning on going overseas and getting a prepaid service over there but still would like to get messages from US. How do people who conduct business over there and here do it and Im not talking about rich folks. Thanks.

    BTW Im on T-Mobile here. Probably will use Vodaphone in the UK.
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    I use TMO and I heard TMO does not allow to have call forwarded to an international #. I came across some posts from other forums saying you could setup a 1800 number and forward the 800 number to your number in UK. Setup a msg on your US TMO number and remind caller to call your 800 number because you are away from US.
    it costs some fee but not sure how much. I do not have the links, and i might be able to find it once I get back home tonight.

    (something like dial-around-the-world?)
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    Would appreciate your help with this, however, I dont think it is dial around the world, thats for calling cards. Please post if you come up with the 800 place, sounds perfect.

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