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    I've been using a hi-speed Panasonic 256M SD Card since I got my T600, and I love it. But it's always full now, and my needs point to a single large card rather than a few smaller cards.

    So I'm looking to buy a 512M or 1G card, but it must be a high speed card. My friend just bought a standard speed 512M SanDisk card, and it just sucks for capturing audio. My card in his T600 or my T600 can record at almost twice the bit rate as his card, and I can afford the extra bucks that a hi-speed card costs.

    For some @#&^%! reason, SanDisk doesn't specify a read/write speed for their 1G SD card. So I have no idea if it's the same (lousy) speed as their standard SD cards, or the speed of their UltraII cards, or somewhere inbetween. I know the T600 doesn't have the fastest SD I/O itself, but it sure is faster than the standard speed SD cards provide.

    I'd really like to get a 1G SD card (which unfortunately only SanDisk seems to make) but if it's a performance dog, and there is no hi-speed 1G SD card, I can "make due" with a 512M card. (In which case I would probably want another Panasonic or a Lexar, which I understand is made by Panasonic).

    The pointers for great SD card prices I've seen here have all been for standard speed SD cards (which I don't want), and when I check out the prices for hi-speed cards on the same sites, they're all over the place. I've seen 512M SanDisk UltraII SD cards for over $200 on a lot of sites, and for $150ish or a little less on other sites. I've only seen the Panasonic 512M Hi-Speed SD card for around the $200 price, and only at a few places.

    So I guess my two questions are, (1) What is the I/O speed of the SanDisk 1G SD card? Is it near the 10MB/Sec of a hi-speed card? and (2) Anyone have any leads on great prices on a hi-speed 512M SD cards, preferably Panasonic or Lexar?


    Bill S
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    Lexar has a 1GB 32X card now, but it's currently retailing at around $300 (although Lexar itself sells it for $429 list: )
    - Fushigi

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