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    I have two problems that I've seen discussed on these threads but I can't find a definitive answer for either of them so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Hopefully they've been "solved" and I can find the answer in a post somewhere here.

    For background, I'm on AT&T with a AT&T Treo 600.

    First problem - The "Screech"

    My phone will occasionally make a loud screeching noise when I'm answering an incoming call. It's very loud, uncomfortable and surely bad for my hearing. The problem is discussed in this old thread: The suggestions on that thread is that it could be happening in areas where the phone has weak reception but I haven't observed that myself. Back in December, I called Handspring and they instructed me to hard reset (saying it had to do with built up static I think they said) but that's not really an acceptable solution and it didn't really help. A couple of people in the thread linked above seemed to see improvement with a firmware upgrade but that was many months ago. I'm hoping there has been more experience with this problem since then. Anybody have an update?

    Second problem - The "Buzz"

    Sometimes, the person I talk to on my Treo can hear a buzzing sound while we are talking. I don't know what it actually sounds like myself because the buzz can't be heard by me. This thread discusses the problem and there is a solution here: that would seem to require more dexterity than I have. Is this really the problem (and hence the solution) or could it be something else?
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    Have you applied the official AT&T firmware upgrade? There were reports that this eliminated the problems you describe. Do this upgrade and then let us know if you are still experiencing these problems. If the firmware update does not solve these issues, then you will want to get a replacement from AT&T or PalmOne.
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    Here is the bottom line:

    Screech - hard to say what this is as there are many possible variables based on local network conditions. As it does not happen to everyone or a good portion of folks, this is the most likely scenario

    Buzz heard by the callee (which happens especially when the battery is low): You have a hardware issue and should ask ATT for a replacement under warranty. Keeping the battery topped up will minimize the issue meantime.
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    Thanks Poryphyron - I've talked to PalmOne and they were pretty accomodating about getting a replacement. This must be a fairly common problem.

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