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    The song order in my Ptunes is all out of wack. When I had the deluxe trial version, I messed around with putting songs in various catagories and that may have screwed it up. Now, with the basic version, how do I put the songs back in order so at least songs from the same artist are contiguous? Or is my only choice to delete them and re-copy to SD?
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    One possibility - maybe you inadvertently have pTunes set on "Shuffle" play, so that it randomizes play order? If you turn that off, it should go back to whatever order the pTunes BASIC version received them in (though that may not be how you wanted them, if the Deluxe version altered the original order).

    Otherwise, I'm not sure what to say, because I haven't been able to assign categories or playlists like on iPod, as I just have the BASIC version of pTunes.
    It sounds like DELUXE lets you set up playlists like iPod?
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    why don't you delete the playlist(s) and just recreate a new one(s)?

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