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    I think I did my requisite search-before-posting routine and did not find a satisfactory asnwer re: the T600, so here goes.

    Has anyone had a big issue with certain keys making a small but noticable plastic-like clicking/crunching noise? It happens on occasion to my I-O-K-L-M keys. No problems typing, just clicking and a slightly different tactile feel to the key(s) when pressed.

    It is clearly a mechanical sound. Other threads have indicated that there is a plastic sheet of some sort (at least under the T300) that may be producing the noise. I won't crack it open for fear it looks like the inside of my old Alfa fuel injection pump (not to mention voiding the warranty).

    While the noise itself is slightly annoying, I can live with it as long as there are no long-term issues. Anyone else run into this problem and/or has anyone else had severe operability issues due to this problem?

    Thanks in advance!
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    All the buttons sound the same on my T600.
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    my light button makes a noise like a thin layer of plastic is being smushed and then when I unpress it is makes the uncrinkling noise. It kind of bothered me when I first got my treo, so I would hit the button repeatedly to try to get it to quit, but now I don't really notice it anymore. I bet my sound is probably similar to yours, although the buttons are not the same.
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    fairly common, doesnt happen on all treos but have it on mine and had it on my blackberry...nothing to worry about

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    You have fine grit under the keys. I had this on my Treo 270. I presume it's origin was pocket fluff/junk. I decided to live with it.

    The keys on a Treo consist of two layers - all of the QWERTY keypad are made up of one piece of plastic in a flexible mat. Each button has a dimple under it as part of the molding. The second layer is a series of press-domes soldered to a PCB. These domes are dimples of spring steel that have a satisfying click and make contact with a pcb contact below the spring.

    If you have noise, it is because there is grit between the casing and the plastic key 'mat'. The keyboard design is good at preventing junk getting any further into your Treo.
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    I KNEW that someone would have an answer that would lead to a simple solution (that doesn't require sawing, drilling, or <shudder> returning my T600 for a "new" one)!

    Poryphyron is right. I took a can of air to the keys and after a little shaking, angling and working of the keys, blew out whatever was there, viola no more crunching. Biscoradio, you might want to try it.

    Now I'm sure that by removing the cover, you could probably do this easier and more efficiently, but while I will gladly grind down a 512 SD card to fit, I balk at the Treo with it's many smaller parts. It's a "rule" of car repair that you will always end up with an extra part or two. I can't take a chance with what has become my second brain. Thanks again!
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