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    Just got my T600 on Sprint after upgrading from a T300. Man, what a great leap forward.

    However, I seem to have encountered 2 initial issues:

    1. When a call comes in, it says that the touchpad is disabled. Anyone know how I can "re-enable" the touchpad so I don't have to use the 5 way control to hang up/take the call?

    2. Seems like my SD slot protective card (little black plastic thing that is shipped in the SD slot) cannot be removed. From what I read in the instructions, if you push it in, it should release and just pop out. However, mine doesn't do anything and I can't get that card out. Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!
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    in the "prefs" app tap the upper right hand corner of the screen to open the prefs menu, choose "keygaurd." you can check / uncheck the boxes to disable the touchscreen when a call comes in or when on a call.
    -- berto
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    Bertopl - Thanks!

    I changed that setting last night when I playing with the phone and then couldn't figure it out! LOL!

    Anyway, anyone else know what I can do about my SD card slot issue?
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    it should it will come out are you pushing it down enough? you are pushing the right bit?
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